Mcdonalds BEAST that resides inside us!..

burger beast2

Why we have desires and how do we control them?..

Lets first understand how desires are formed. Desires are a culmination of thoughts. They begin when we meet someone or see a particular object etc. Now try and understand the process from induction of thought to culmination of desire.

Now for instance you are hungry. Now do you simply quest your desire to eat by eating a salad??

No you start thinking about your favourite food items, how you felt when you last ate it, you remember those McDonalds advertisements showing that juicy burger and fries!! Yummm!

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Why we meet irritating people?

Why do we meet people who always say things that we just don’t wish to hear?

No matter how hard we try but we tend to bump into people who we hate to the core of our heart and just wish they would disappear, if I was to put it politely. And if that’s not sufficient so called UNIVERSE or GOD makes us meet people who say the things that just irritate us so much, we wish to slap them right then and there.

Would you be surprised if I told you these people you hate or dread are just your inner conscious reflecting back at you. Why is that and how is that??

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How does KARMA work – Why does a new born baby suffer??!
We all have heard of this this “KARMA” and think that we understand it pretty well. The basic understanding we all draw from this is if one does GOOD we receive GOOD and if we do BAD we receive BAD!!.
Yes, to a certain extend this works but the theory fails when we a young baby suffering from heart disease, or a innocent house wife suffering the wrath of her in-laws, or a grandmother gets stabbed in the middle of night by thieves. Now assuming all these people lived a good karmic life, why did bad things happened to them.??!?

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