Why we feel Positive in Holy Places?


Since my childhood I always visited temples or met astrologers, pandits (i.e. Indian priests) who visited our family on various occasions. There was always a feeling to delight and calmness I felt whenever I was in presence of such holy people or even when I visited temples.

I keep following my heart and never infact wondered why am I drawn to such people and places. It was just a knee jerk reaction for me to visit temples once a week, or travel with my family to distance religious places once a year, or just sit with priests while they perform their rituals at a family event.

Recently a friend of mine asked me during a self awareness session that why exactly one feels good or blessed when we visit temples? This made me think and dig deeper into the issue.

I told him the feeling has nothing to do with the temple itself but its to do with what we mentally think while visiting the place that makes us feel good. To further explain I asked his typical visit to a temple. To that he replied, the day I visit the temple I make sure I don’t drink or eat non-veg, I make sure I have bathed that day, whole day I feel good of the fact I am going to visit the temple, then while entering the temple, I take off my shoes, I wash my hands and feet, then I take flowers, incense sticks from he shop inside the temple and offer roses to the idol and light an incense sticks under the tree in the temple courtyard. After the temple I distribute sweets to the homeless outside the temple and also to my family members, friends or neighbours that I happen to meet during my way home.

Now these processes are different for different religions but one thing remain common is that we undergo certain level of self control before, during and after our visit. Further, its added by few selfless acts that we don’t do in day to day life. Now when the MIND undergoes this process it similar to washing a car after rally driving. All the impurities of mind are washed away temporarily and we start feeling good.

Although my friend initially claimed there must be outside cosmic energy in holy places that make us feel good when we visit. However, I disagreed with him and said why will those energies distinguish places and give positive energies to only certain places? If there are such energies they should give those positive vibes to places that are more negative than other way around.

Yes temples and holy places do have a positive vibe as they are clean and properly maintained, and thousands of people come with a devoted mind set so that creates a positive environment however the main difference we feel is due to self-control we impose on ourselves for the visit.

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