7 secrets to keep a Modern Age WIFE HAPPY!!

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Yes a much discussed topic but without wasting your time here we go:-

1. Keep your hands on your cellphone and pick up the phone every time she calls. Many people have said finish todays work today otherwise it keeps piling up. This phone call from your wife you dont want to keep pending.

2. LIKE all her vacations photos  on Facebook/Instagram! Make sure you know the reasons for liking the post as well.

3. WhatsApp her now and then with love messages! They dont cost as earlier even if you are out of country.

4. Do NOT LIKE her best friends BEACH photographs on Instagram!

5. Keep your phone off or silent next your bedside. You dont want to receive you whatsapp group messages late in night make her think you are having an affair.

6. Make sure your relationship status is MARRIED if you just got married and think Facebook relationship status has no meaning over the church wedding you just had! you might wish to think again.

7. Dont stop her from posting baby picks even if its 10 times in a day everyday!

Hope these are useful. Do write back with your feedback and views.



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