7 secrets to keep a Modern Age WIFE HAPPY!!

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Yes a much discussed topic but without wasting your time here we go:-

1. Keep your hands on your cellphone and pick up the phone every time she calls. Many people have said finish todays work today otherwise it keeps piling up. This phone call from your wife you dont want to keep pending.

2. LIKE all her vacations photos  on Facebook/Instagram! Make sure you know the reasons for liking the post as well.

3. WhatsApp her now and then with love messages! They dont cost as earlier even if you are out of country.

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Answer 8 questions to find out how INTUITIVE are you??

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1. Do you like visit (a) Aquariums or (b) Wild Life Parks ?

2. Do you like (a) coastal town or (b) landlocked cities?

3. Do you believe in (a) love marriage or (b) arrange marriage?

4. Do you like to have sex on (a) bedroom or (b) other places in house?

5. Would you like to own (a) horse or (b) jeep?

6. Do you like (a) dogs or (b) cats?

7. Do you eat (a) before sunset or (b) post sunset?

8. Do you like (a) monasteries or (b) pubs ?


if you chose All (a) – High Intuitive Power

if you chose 7 to 5 (a) – Above Average Intuition

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How to please your #BOSS in just 5 minutes!


We all spend numerous hours in office most of them working obviously but there are few extra hours or extra tasks we undertake just so that we can impress our boss for reasons know to us…from a simple appreciation to the next big promotion.

Now instead spending all those extra hours to impress the boss you can have his attention in just 5 minutes provided you know what he likes to do in his personal time.

Before we begin you should realise your boss on only human and not from outer space. Your friends are people who like similar things, listen to same music or movies,watch similar sports etc..So all we are doing is extending the same analogy here as well. Nothing new!!

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Horoscope – July 2014 for all sun signs!

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You will feel respite from problems you have been facing since the beginning of the year. Good time to look for love of your life!

Females especially can find their husbands or partners during this month. Try not to eat out too much as stomach problems  can cause discomfort for few days.

Be kind to elders and listen to their advise respectfully even if you don’t feel like following it. Try and be alert and puntual  at work as BOSS will keep a close eye on you.

Sexual energy is at its peak right now so dont get blown away with the next attraction you come across. Be vigilant and give adequate time before you decide to sleep with someone. Especially females need to extra careful in this regard.

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How being always RIGHT can be WRONG!??

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If you have clicked on this link, there is a high probability you have faced above said issue ample times and couldn’t find a solution to it.

Many times we can clearly see what is RIGHT or WRONG is a given situation due our values, surroundings and personal beliefs. However we can have people who have a different opinion about the same issue or wish to gain something personally thus try to manipulate the wrong.

If you are a person who can clearly see the RIGHT its good! However its important to understand that many people can’t clearly see what is right or wrong. There are fearful of there future and thus try to gain immediately in short term.

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Are you loosing or gaining from KUNDALI (Marriage) matching astrology ??

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I come across many male and female friends who are looking for their better half thru the arrange marriage scenario or online marriage website or marriage brokers..

Recently a friend of mine asked me timing of her marriage based on Vedic Astrology. Before beginning her analysis I asked her criterion for selecting boys. She said ” my mother matched our Janam Kundali (Vedic Astrology Chart) and whoever passes that evaluation is sent to me for review. However, people passing that “LITMUS TEST” are very few and that gives a further reduced funnel of appropriate boys to consider.

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Feeling Confused, Angry and Bored!?!?!


Today after getting up I was feeling all of the above three – BORED, ANGRY & CONFUSED. Not much had changed over night that I started feeling all 3 demons just after getting up in the morning.

I started wondering what is the reason behind it? Is it my quality of sleep, food habits or just my mind, that tends to get into depressive/low states whenever it feels like. Most likely the answer reason was my MIND. It somehow has a habit of creating a future that is so bad and full of miseries for some reason. Then it has an habit of dwelling in the past and making me feel worse about my mistakes or should I say blunders of my life.

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Tarot Card of the day!..


Small Bickering!

Expect small verbal fights with your colleagues and peers. Sometimes its important to vent out ones feelings. Dont keep things inside, be firm and polite in your response.

Minor mental agitation and confusion is also the flavour of day. Neither stop this feeling nor get carried away. Just let it pass like a mild rain in middle of day.

All in all things are going to get better soon. Share your feedback at the end of the day. More predictions each day. Keep tuned in!

To know more about Tarot or schedule a session, send an email on below mentioned details.

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Mcdonalds BEAST that resides inside us!..

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Why we have desires and how do we control them?..

Lets first understand how desires are formed. Desires are a culmination of thoughts. They begin when we meet someone or see a particular object etc. Now try and understand the process from induction of thought to culmination of desire.

Now for instance you are hungry. Now do you simply quest your desire to eat by eating a salad??

No you start thinking about your favourite food items, how you felt when you last ate it, you remember those McDonalds advertisements showing that juicy burger and fries!! Yummm!

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Why we meet irritating people?

Why do we meet people who always say things that we just don’t wish to hear?

No matter how hard we try but we tend to bump into people who we hate to the core of our heart and just wish they would disappear, if I was to put it politely. And if that’s not sufficient so called UNIVERSE or GOD makes us meet people who say the things that just irritate us so much, we wish to slap them right then and there.

Would you be surprised if I told you these people you hate or dread are just your inner conscious reflecting back at you. Why is that and how is that??

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