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Why we feel Positive in Holy Places?


Since my childhood I always visited temples or met astrologers, pandits (i.e. Indian priests) who visited our family on various occasions. There was always a feeling to delight and calmness I felt whenever I was in presence of such holy people or even when I visited temples.

I keep following my heart and never infact wondered why am I drawn to such people and places. It was just a knee jerk reaction for me to visit temples once a week, or travel with my family to distance religious places once a year, or just sit with priests while they perform their rituals at a family event.

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Tarot Card of the Day “High Priestess”

You might feel an energy to give guidance to friends and family. Its good to give advise but be careful they should not take you personally. Try not to give examples from personal life as they might haunt you back.

High chance of an old childhood teacher meets you on the road. They might give you wisdom that helps you in your immediate decisions.

People with children should let children learn by experiencing situations and keep a watch on them while they do so.

All in all a good time for business people to discuss pending issues with bosses and don’t let issues hanging out for too long.

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Weekly Horoscope,10th -16th Nov 2014


Aries: Try not to fight with father like figures. There anger is due to past issues and will fade away with time. Keep time for your loved ones and take them out for a short trip. Do not eat non-veg this week and avoid alcohol.

Taurus: Keep your jewellery and precious stone safely as Rahu brings you in touch with thieves. Good time to invest in share market and property. Distant travel is on the cards for work. Keep your boss happy for that next raise or promotion.

Gemini: Keep your cool with your partner. They will change with time as well. Do not indulge in self gratification and boost about yourself to others. Might meet your long lost brother or sister from abroad this week.

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How to please GOD in 20 minutes!








Now best way to please GOD is by stop pleasing and understanding why you are you SUFFERING or why you are not getting what you DESIRE! And in 20 minutes you should get that!

Now some of us spend a lifetime pleasing GOD with fasts, chanting, devotion and other religious activities. Some of us do it for something in return, in a good way, as we can ask GOD as their children without being greedy and some us just pray just out of love or devotion for GOD without anything in return.

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Perspective on GOD!


We all spend much time praying to the all mighty, asking for unfulfilled wishes, sometimes blaming his for the circumstance we are in etc etc..Indeed its a tricky topic and we all have our views based on current situation, knowledge and past experiences. No explanation or belief is wrong or no belief is absolutely right and no one know THE TRUTH!

Now taking a neutral stand we can understand a new perspective on God! If for a moment we think of ourselves as God! Then what would be a reason for you to create someone second like human, universe etc??

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Treat Anger, Jealousy, Fear like your Mother-in-law!!

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Very typical question people ask me while dwelling with self awareness questions. And the answer is simple – “Dont think of anger, jealousy, fear as something inside you. Treat it as a separate person like a your MOTHER-IN_-LAW thats main purpose is to throw you off you mental peace whenever she comes to visit you! (just an analogy..I know most you love them:)..)

Sometimes we keep blaming ourselves I am an angry person, I shouted at my colleague yesterday, OR I am scared of heights, or I am scared of a particular person/situation…and many more thoughts like this..

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How to handle untimely loss of dear ones…


Yes a very tough topic to talk about but some of us in our lives face sudden demise of our near ones due to an accident, tragedy or illness.

The key in overcoming any loss of a dear one is to not to try to overcome it. Let it take its own course. Do not take any sudden decisions or change your course of life. Be patient for few weeks let time take its course. After few weeks if you still feel the same and wish to take any life altering decision then discuss that with your near ones or seek guidance.

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How to bring out the MARY KOM in you??!


It goes without saying most of us seek to target a great body, succeed in goals but face a problem of ‘WILL POWER”!

That comes and goes at its own “WILL”. Now question comes how can we sustain and stabilise our will power once we set our target on something be it body, mind or soul!

Now first understand the key motivator for your goal. For instance in this case for Priyanka Chopra what could be the outcome to work hard for this particular movie. (below our assumptions taken for explanation purpose)

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How to succeed at work?

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We all strive to do better at work and spend most of our lives doing so. However most of us are still unsatisfied by either the designation, salary, environment etc.

The key in being successful is understanding that all these parameters of success are decided by our MIND! Now MIND is both good and bad!!


Its good because these parameters help us being motivated for the next job promotion, next salary hike, next house to buy. However the tricky part or bad part comes when the motivation takes the form of restless, irresistible desire burning at the bottom of our stomach that doesn’t allow us to be satisfied with our current position. Everything that  we have achieved or worked for in past decade gets washed away, we forget from where we started and where have we reached.

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The father who knew her girl will die at 18 yrs when she was 3 yrs old.



Note: Pl keep in mind before reading the article, that some of the facts shared might be emotionally disturbing.

It was another routine day at my family business where phones rang of the hook, general sales meeting, worrying about future of company etc etc. When suddenly my MIND came to stand still.

I was reviewing a file of academic scholarships awarded to children of our staff member who have trouble sponsoring education of their children. I can across a case of a young girl, who was in 12th Standard, and had failed in all subjects.

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