How being always RIGHT can be WRONG!??

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If you have clicked on this link, there is a high probability you have faced above said issue ample times and couldn’t find a solution to it.

Many times we can clearly see what is RIGHT or WRONG is a given situation due our values, surroundings and personal beliefs. However we can have people who have a different opinion about the same issue or wish to gain something personally thus try to manipulate the wrong.

If you are a person who can clearly see the RIGHT its good! However its important to understand that many people can’t clearly see what is right or wrong. There are fearful of there future and thus try to gain immediately in short term.

So now what happens when we see things clearly is that we start becoming very harsh on ourselves. More we see WRONG more our will to purse the RIGHT becomes. Slowly doing RIGHT becomes part of our nature and to an extent start filling into our EGO.

Since we are harsh on ourselves, now instead of giving wisdom to people who are doing WRONG actions we start becoming harsh on them. We start punishing them or ignoring them.

If you are feeling any of those above things and wish to change yourself for the better, then stop being harsh on yourself. Not that one must stop pursuing the RIGHT actions but begin by being less judgemental and less harsh on others.

Yes, who wants to waste time and energy on people who dont wish to understand but remember, there is a reason you are being exposed to certain situations. The learning in a situation as per universal laws is a two way street. So dont think all learnings are instilled only for people doing WRONG but for you also there is a learning.

The scope of this topic is much bigger than a short article on this BLOG, but do ponder over these ideas and let me know your thoughts…


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