How to bring out the MARY KOM in you??!


It goes without saying most of us seek to target a great body, succeed in goals but face a problem of ‘WILL POWER”!

That comes and goes at its own “WILL”. Now question comes how can we sustain and stabilise our will power once we set our target on something be it body, mind or soul!

Now first understand the key motivator for your goal. For instance in this case for Priyanka Chopra what could be the outcome to work hard for this particular movie. (below our assumptions taken for explanation purpose)

1. Money – maybe but not so much considering her achievements.

2. Fame – yes but maybe to a certain extent.

3. Prove thyself – Majorly this is the reason we set goals to achieve. Yes in the beginning the reason seems to be money or fame but eventually its a self fulling prophecy.

We set a target to prove something to ourselves. But when we fail we set tougher targets to prove ourselves. this goes on till we think we cant do it!!

So lets start with an example, most commonly faces, loosing weight or making 6 abs. Recently I started my journey to loose weight. Even after all the spiritual knowledge and training people on will power, I could not resist my favourite burger or traditional Indian Dal Makhani.

My mind just keeps going into this endless loop of wanting to loose weight, but unable to control my diet, and then feeling guilty and then again feeling strong enough to loose weight. Now how can I overcome this?? either I loose weight or I just forget about it and enjoy my days eating everything I like eating under the Tuscan sun. Now trick lies in distinguishing between who wishes to loose weight and who wishes to eat all things that are wrong!! Again starts the journey between your active mind and subconscious mind! Now active mind is full of desires from past eating habits, tv commercials, friends recommendation etc etc…And Sub conscious mind wishes to loose weight and maintain a healthy balances life style.

So the fight is between these two people and you are in the middle of all this! Now controlling past habits is like taming a wild horse. There is now way you can sit on it without falling (or failing) few times, obviously there are exceptions, now here is the tricky part! Usually when we fall or fail we think that its a very difficult task, I cant do it etc etc…but the trick lies to keep on trying couple of times assuming you are going to fail. But during this process try to hear these two voices we have been talking about in above paragraphs. Only when we start listening and distinguishing these two voices we get clarity and control over thyself.

Slowly after couple of times of failing you will realize how this horse i.e. your mind works, how can it be tamed. No there no fixed formula or remedy to train the mind as its very personal. Thats the reason when people follow a particular pattern by a dietician or gym instructor or any sort of coaching they fail miserably and end up feeling much worse due to guilt of failure.! Instead one should give thyself breathing space and let things take its natural course.  As the wild horse roams around very calmly grazing in the jungle, our mind also keep us in control as long as we are listening to it, the moment we stop listening our mind becomes this wild horse ready to throw us of the path we choose!

Now once you have understood this question understand to tame the wild horse you need couple of things:-

(a) Knowledge to tame a horse – which you are getting here or thru books you can get

(b) the right suit that protects you during a fall – those are your friends and family that you need to include in your aim to control diet, or smoking or alcohol etc etc. They will keep you cushioned during failure. Many people make this mistake of reaching their target silently and alone. Yes one can do it alone but only for seasoned and experienced trainers who have done this before.

(c) The right atitude! Now this one is the key! We need to  develop a habit of accepting failure. Its not the will power thats the problem but a fear of failure that keeps us from our goals. Its the fear instilled in us thru media, society on how difficult it is to loose habit of smoking, drinking or drugs.

Yes its tough but maybe for you its not! You mind could be strong enough provided you try! To summarise there is no exact recipe for achieving your dream weight or loosing that bad habit! But the answer lies in trying constantly. I also fail many times in my aim to loose few kilos but its possible. As the famous slogan says impossible is “i m possible”!!

Hope this article gives you a perspective but in the end follow your heart as it has all the guidance you need. Do write back with your thoughts and comments.


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