Are you loosing or gaining from KUNDALI (Marriage) matching astrology ??

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I come across many male and female friends who are looking for their better half thru the arrange marriage scenario or online marriage website or marriage brokers..

Recently a friend of mine asked me timing of her marriage based on Vedic Astrology. Before beginning her analysis I asked her criterion for selecting boys. She said ” my mother matched our Janam Kundali (Vedic Astrology Chart) and whoever passes that evaluation is sent to me for review. However, people passing that “LITMUS TEST” are very few and that gives a further reduced funnel of appropriate boys to consider.

Now, although Kundli matching is useful but not at the beginning of the marriage process. Kundali Matching is nothing but a matching of “Gunas” (attributes) of boy and girl. Now if you are creative and your better half is not create does it matter? or if one of you is more intelligent than other?

Now another problem that comes in marriages is “Mangalic Dosha” (Mars in bad position). First let me explain you what is Mangalic Dosha it is simply positioning of planet in Mars in 5 houses out of 12 houses in Vedic Astrology. That means many of us might have this position. But does it mean a person without Mangalic Dosha marries person without this dosha would end up in divorce?? NO absolutely not. Many foreigners who are unaware of this get married having such doshas live a happily married life.

So simply rejecting boys or girls based on Mangalic Dosha is another mistake one can do! There other more important planets and positions that should be shown to an experienced astrologer to get a better perspective on Marriage thru Vedic Astrology chart than a computer or a wanna be astrologer. So be careful and be vigilant.

You spend years studying for degrees and hours in work… spend some time researching above mentioned points thru established books and you might just find your right partner or might not LET GO of the LOVE OF YOUR LIFE!

Although there are much more I can discuss but I am sure your head is already getting heavy with above information.

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