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Now best way to please GOD is by stop pleasing and understanding why you are you SUFFERING or why you are not getting what you DESIRE! And in 20 minutes you should get that!

Now some of us spend a lifetime pleasing GOD with fasts, chanting, devotion and other religious activities. Some of us do it for something in return, in a good way, as we can ask GOD as their children without being greedy and some us just pray just out of love or devotion for GOD without anything in return.

Now in the former where we pray for a promotion, a car, a home, or relieve us from any suffering and pain. Very natural, I also do it  and many people I have met do it as well.  Problem here is that when our wish doesnt get fulfilled over a period time, it leads to frustration, question the ALL MIGHTY on why he doesnt listen as you have been completely devoted to him all your life and done nothing wrong in life!

Again, Now best way to please GOD is by stop pleasing and understanding why you are you SUFFERING or why you are not getting what you DESIRE! Understand this from analogy of a DOG and a MASTER relationship.

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Now when your dog bites someone who enters your home, what do you do? Maybe you try to train him, hit him, close him in a room if he does it multiple times..Now dog being a less evolved species than you is unable to understand WHY are you punishing him?? Because from dogs perspective he attacked someone who was new and could be potential harm to his near and dear ones….

Now he might try to please you constantly when he is being punished but as a MASTER you are unable to relieve him off his pain or agony as your ultimate purpose for punishing is that he understand who to bite and who not to bite. YES the example is a bit crude if put it with analogy that here GOD is MASTER and DOG is HUMANS! But you get an idea how this works..

Due to our lack on knowledge on spirituality or lack of self awareness we are unable to pin point the exact reason we are suffering but that doesnt make suffering (here I am taking suffering in both contexts of unfavourable situations and  lack of desires as that itself becomes a suffering when unfulfilled).

The DOG might constantly lick you, obey you even more, which you might like and might get less strict with him but eventually you will not bring him out of the closed room until the dog learns who to bit or not to bite.

Thus only when we start focusing on thyself and start reflecting on what needs to be changed inside us the situation we are in starts changing. See half the situation changes because (A) we get a positive perspective on the situation. Instead of a challenge we an opportunity. (B) GOD as a MASTER sees that you are trying to change and slowly starts helping you and start sending you people or ways in which you may reach the desired change GOD wants for your benefit.

Now another situation arises when dog understands the concept that he shouldnt bite but doesnt use his intelligence. He doesnt even bite the thief that comes one night and makes the family suffer! So sometimes we follow certain groups or books so blindly that we forget that we need use our WISDOM as well. GOD wants you to USE you own wisdom and then decide what to do or not to do!!

Now you refer GOD as UNIVERSE or LIGHT or BOOK OF KNOWLEDGE, as you please but whatever energy thats driving all of this works with this principle of improving thyself.

Now praying would help only if the main goal is to improve thyself and not the other way around. Praying being used simply as devotion helps in peace of mind but if subconsciously we have a small desire inside us then it might not work. WHY?? because the SYSTEM knows that if it gives you what you want, very next moment you are going to come with something new!

This is the same way we dont give DOG more than he deserves as all dog is gonna do is misuse it and come up requesting more of the favourite food item. Now this is exactly why we should first learn to control desire and once we learn to control desires. (NOTE: we are not talking about leaving desires but controlling them)

Somehow people have this notion leaving everything is the solution to finding ultimate peace or god or heaven or moksha! Maybe YES for a selected few! But for rest of us including myself we are like the DOG who bites but doesnt who to bite and when to bite! So now the dog who was being punished decides to leave the house as he was being punished will he gain perspective or improve. Maybe not as dog doesnt even know why he was being punished and leaving the house will serve no purpose at all. As in outside world people will just give him sympathy or he might even suffer more for no reason but he still wont learn what needed to be learnt.

Now to conclude its important we stay focused on our path and simultaneously spend time during evening atleast 2-3 times a week to reflect on ourselves, read books on spirituality, interact with people who know about self awareness (being vigilant who we interact with as many claim but only mislead you further), by doing this we will slowly get perspective on what is right and wrong!

Do share this with your friends and family. And write back to me with your comments and feedback.

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