How to please your #BOSS in just 5 minutes!


We all spend numerous hours in office most of them working obviously but there are few extra hours or extra tasks we undertake just so that we can impress our boss for reasons know to us…from a simple appreciation to the next big promotion.

Now instead spending all those extra hours to impress the boss you can have his attention in just 5 minutes provided you know what he likes to do in his personal time.

Before we begin you should realise your boss on only human and not from outer space. Your friends are people who like similar things, listen to same music or movies,watch similar sports etc..So all we are doing is extending the same analogy here as well. Nothing new!!

If he is a golfer talk to him 5 minutes about golf, tournament that is going on these days, take tips on how to play golf. Now obviously make sure you dont cross the line and it starts looking as ass licking.

If he likes reading books then try to have an idea about the type of books he likes, maybe you know someone who can connect your boss to the next book signing of his favourite author.

Just be well informed before you dive into discussions and make the discussion crisp and to the point. Studies suggest recollection of people who talk about things that interest you is far more than the people who talk about other things of general use.

Now this article wont serve the point if I keep talking for more than 5 minutes!! So go ahead and dont wait for christmas or till your next promotion!


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2 thoughts on “How to please your #BOSS in just 5 minutes!”

  1. Good one. Not to mention that if boss has an itrest which doesn’t match yours you need to brush up your knowledge on the topic by spending several personal hours, to avoid looking g like a fool in front.

  2. yes agreed! but the gain should more than compensate the hours put no to mention it open doors to new interests..

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