How to succeed at work?

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We all strive to do better at work and spend most of our lives doing so. However most of us are still unsatisfied by either the designation, salary, environment etc.

The key in being successful is understanding that all these parameters of success are decided by our MIND! Now MIND is both good and bad!!


Its good because these parameters help us being motivated for the next job promotion, next salary hike, next house to buy. However the tricky part or bad part comes when the motivation takes the form of restless, irresistible desire burning at the bottom of our stomach that doesn’t allow us to be satisfied with our current position. Everything that  we have achieved or worked for in past decade gets washed away, we forget from where we started and where have we reached.

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Now I can give you 10 points for success or a flow chart (like the picture above) but the truth is nothing works over the power of your MIND! It can create anything look perfect or anything look very very small.  Its like an infinite loop of DO AGAIN DO AGAIN DO AGAIN we get stuck into…because the end point SUCCESS is actually not being decided by us or our inner voice.

Its interesting how in picture at beginning or article, Steve Jobs talks about inner voice and that being a key to achieving success. Inner Voice which is different from mind that defines success. Its important for us to distinguish that because there us no use achieving something unless we are able to enjoy it when we get it! And thats the part our MIND plays, it creates an illusion that BLISS lies in getting that salary or job or sales target but even before we reach there it makes that target look so so small that we dont even realise why we were running behind that target!

Now you get the idea and probably might know what is being said but the problem comes in implementing this or remembering this in our daily lives. AND question comes how do we implement that??

Couple of things we can do:-

1. Sit alone and try to contemplate everyday on our targets and goals. Where is the FUN in that!

2. Go to work everyday and talk to person everyday who is at the level of achievement you wish to achieve and see how he is still not happy and how he thought this level would bring certain amount of satisfaction.

3. Keep a diary to note down what you thought a particular achievement would give you and eventually what your felt when you reached there. After noting down couple of mile stones you will understand what above article is trying to suggest.

4. Revisit your childhood memories, see if you were constantly nagged at home or school as an underachiever, that creates an unstoppable desire to prove yourself to someone or the society.

Hope this article gives you a perspective. Idea is not to stop striving or making goals but understanding the difference between goal that our inner voice wants and what our mind wants!

Do write back with questions or comments. Cheers!



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