Mcdonalds BEAST that resides inside us!..

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Why we have desires and how do we control them?..

Lets first understand how desires are formed. Desires are a culmination of thoughts. They begin when we meet someone or see a particular object etc. Now try and understand the process from induction of thought to culmination of desire.

Now for instance you are hungry. Now do you simply quest your desire to eat by eating a salad??

No you start thinking about your favourite food items, how you felt when you last ate it, you remember those McDonalds advertisements showing that juicy burger and fries!! Yummm!

Now the desire has overtaken you completely.  Desire started from hunger but has transformed into specific requirement based on our past exposure to media, dining out or word of mouth etc.

Now there is a 50% probability we fulfil our desire i.e. we pick up the phone and order from a nearest McDonalds outlet. Now the problem lies in 50% probability that we don’t fulfil the desire i.e. we are far war from a McDonalds joint and they are unable to deliver where your office is!!

Now what do we do? A basic thought of Hunger has culminated into a DESIRE MONSTER that if not fed with the exact same requirements will go into a loop of irritation, anger, jealousy.

Its important we understand this process as spirituality never teaches us to leave everything and just sit under a tree and meditate. Yes, there is a part of society who are destined to do this and they will reach that level of meditation one way or other.

But what about rest of us..? How do we control this beast but before we answer that, lets tackle another issue that deals with “What happens if we satisfy this beast?”

So had we fed the beast with with the Mcdonalds burger. Now what happens in movies when we feed the beast or devil?? It grows bigger and bigger and BIGGER. Till it becomes so BIG that we can’t even see the beast, WE become the BEAST of DESIRE.

So now how do we fulfil our desires by not feeding the BEAST but feeding our soul?

Simply, by following the process of desire generation. BUT WHO HAS THE TIME?? I AM WAY TO BUSY! Yes that’s was your first reaction then probably its not YOU reading this article but THE BEAST inside you, and its job is to survive inside you and grow bigger and bigger!

Further the reason we don’t have TIME is not because we are busy but because we are so busy feeding into DESIRES OF THIS BIG BEAST inside us that we have forgotten to distinguish between what WE WANT and what the BEAST WANTS!

Now I can keep going on on  on and on about this..but the truth of the matter is will YOU DO ANYTHING to CHANGE IT!!?? WILL YOU TRY TO CONTROL THE BEAST! WILL YOU ERRADICATE THE BEAST!!

Or will this just be another article you read, understood and then went on doing the same things you did earlier…

If there is a time to change, that’s now, not after the WORLD CUP or after the SALES QUARTER or after YOUR MARRIAGE etc etc..

What to change and how to do?? I wont tell you because there a small little tuny angel sitting inside you telling what to do? That could not grow because you are busy feeding the BEAST!

Moment you start feeding the ANGEL, the beast starts loosing power and slowly you get FREE from the BEAST and enjoy your life, family, friends, desires, food etc even more than ever and in control…

So what are you waiting for??

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