Perspective on GOD!


We all spend much time praying to the all mighty, asking for unfulfilled wishes, sometimes blaming his for the circumstance we are in etc etc..Indeed its a tricky topic and we all have our views based on current situation, knowledge and past experiences. No explanation or belief is wrong or no belief is absolutely right and no one know THE TRUTH!

Now taking a neutral stand we can understand a new perspective on God! If for a moment we think of ourselves as God! Then what would be a reason for you to create someone second like human, universe etc??

If one is GOD then that person must be all encompassing and all knowing entity. Why will God create a system in which somebody makes good or bad decision? Even if such a system is created then the option of Good and bad choices is created by the creator then how is the person to be given credit for a good option or punished for a bad action??

Now by throwing these questions, idea is not to confuse you or form an alternative religious group or an attempt to demystify GOD..But just throwing questions that I still have after reading thru many spiritual/religious books, sessions with established Gurus of our times and self reflection.

The basic question which deals with the need or necessity to create a world doesnt get answered. Some books talk about all this is a dream, some say we created for universe to dwell thru us, some say humans were created and then all actions and inactions is based on their free will etc etc…

Yes all theories have their own level of understanding and are right to a certain extend but however they fail to address the basic principal of KARMA! We all think we know how karma works but then how does KARMA begin?

Both the doer and the situation of doer to do good or bad is created by someone? The idea to fail or do wrong thru a action had to implanted by someone i guess..An all knowing entity should know the repercussions of their actions.

So now praying to an entity that started all this and seems to know the implications of the system doesnt seems comprehendible. Is God evolving as the human evolved, if GOD is evolved then why will it leave anything to the hands of humans or aliens or universe.

I dont know the answers to these questions yet but just putting it out there for discussions and to open your mind to such thoughts…

Do write back with your feedback and comments..

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