The father who knew her girl will die at 18 yrs when she was 3 yrs old.



Note: Pl keep in mind before reading the article, that some of the facts shared might be emotionally disturbing.

It was another routine day at my family business where phones rang of the hook, general sales meeting, worrying about future of company etc etc. When suddenly my MIND came to stand still.

I was reviewing a file of academic scholarships awarded to children of our staff member who have trouble sponsoring education of their children. I can across a case of a young girl, who was in 12th Standard, and had failed in all subjects.

This came as a surprise and to dig deeper into the issue her father was called to understand the circumstances and offer any additional help if required.

Now the moment this question was asked to her father – Mr. Pritam (name modified to maintain confidentiality) , I could a drop of tear trickle down his right cheek. Seeing this I immediately offered him a glass of water and asked him to explain what exactly happened.

Now, to my surprise, he said doctor had detected a hole in his girl’s heart age of 3 years. She underwent corrective surgery but doctor had told it would be uptil age of 18 years she would live.

Now when she is crossing age of 17 years, she has started slowly giving up hope and is just waiting helplessly for the inevitable.

The pain and agony the father and mother must be going thru all these years and especially these last couple of years, is something I can even imagine. The sheer thought of it, makes a chill go thru my spine.

I couldn’t help asking myself following questions, which I am sure you would also have or a flavour of them….

“How will I feel if I knew the time or year of my death??”…

“Will I live any better than I am currently?”..

“Will I still be able to function in this world??”…

To be honest I dont know..the very thought of all this makes me uncomfortable, my heart beat increases…

Death and time of death is one of the closely guarded secrets the UNIVERSE keeps from us. Then why does it reveal that secret to a select few?? Why does it put us in situations like above?

Well no one has the exact answer to this but one thing is for sure, we all need to overcome the fear of death at some point in life! It could be today or after 50 years!

And as the wise say “The best way to overcome fear is too face it”!

Even for Buddha curiosity for why sadness, disease, death exists started when he saw death for the first time in his late twenties. As most of you know probably, his father who was a king, kept him in a closed city away from all the above factors so that he doesnt get drawn to questions of WHY? During the time of Gautam Buddha, a priest had forecasted that Buddha (aka Prince Siddhartha in his early years) will become a monk and teach the world about the TRUTH! Thus in order to prevent this, Buddha’s father , the king, kept his under an illusionary world of happiness.

To be honest, I think we all keep ourselves under this illusionary world of happiness, even though we can the see one part of world undergoing pain, disease and death.

Now does it mean we live our lives in sorrow and grief. No! But at some level its important to ponder over the questions of WHY, purpose of this life? That gives us acceptance towards the world, and also gives us some sort of inner peace.

There are many channels, books, ashrams, swamis, etc etc who we think can answer these questions. But to be honest I feel its tricky. I have seen many people get stuck with these societies or people. Not to say all of them are bad but one needs to be cautious!

So now what to do if one rules out such societies and people! To me personally, things that helped me the most were:-

1. Books

2. Spending time alone

3. Listen to inner voice (and its the most important)

So start by doing the above three and keep yourself focused on the path you are on. Do nothing extra or less in search to find yourself. If its meant to happen it will happen by just taking out 20 minutes from your everyday life…

Well thats sit for now! Eager to hear your feedback and candid comments on this article.



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