Weekly Horoscope,10th -16th Nov 2014


Aries: Try not to fight with father like figures. There anger is due to past issues and will fade away with time. Keep time for your loved ones and take them out for a short trip. Do not eat non-veg this week and avoid alcohol.

Taurus: Keep your jewellery and precious stone safely as Rahu brings you in touch with thieves. Good time to invest in share market and property. Distant travel is on the cards for work. Keep your boss happy for that next raise or promotion.

Gemini: Keep your cool with your partner. They will change with time as well. Do not indulge in self gratification and boost about yourself to others. Might meet your long lost brother or sister from abroad this week.

Cancer: Do not drive fast this week. Small or minor accidents can be seen. Do not loose your cool on the road. Do not make minor investments as time is not right for you to invest in property, shared or gold.

Leo: SUN gives you the power at work you deserve. Don’t start abusing it immediately but use it to improve work conditions so people will love you even more. EGO tried to overpower you this week. So try to keep your EGO in control and distinguish with your intelligence what is EGO and what is self-respect.

Virgo: Are you planning to get married?? Good week to meet prospects or start talking to your partner about marriage. Do not indulge in illicit drugs or sex this week as Saturn could bring out the truth and get you caught during the act by your parents, partner or police.

Libra: Make that phone call to long lost friend. He/She also misses you as much as you do. Don’t buy luxurios items this week. Wait till end of the month to make up your mind..

Scorpio: Lord of Venus is favourable so good time to find that girl friend that you have been looking for all this while. Women might find this time difficult to cope up with demands of their male companions. However they are doing this to seek your attention only. Give time to relationships and soon things will change.

Sagittarius: Don’t RUN if you don’t have a place to hide. Plan your moves in advance as MOON brings power to your enemies and they might catch you before you make your next move. Please ignore any taunts people might give as that is your own inner voice reflecting back at you.

Capricorn: Are you HAPPPYY?? No! Then make necessary changes to improve your current condition. Simply being in current situation won’t help you grow. Keep time for family if works gets hectic.

Aquarius: Try to accept your current situations. Do not fight it! Letting GO is also required courage as fighting does. Spend time with parents to gain their respect. Keep away from hazardous material or fire this week.

Pisces: Go all out to enjoy and relax this week. You deserve that long awaited break from daily routine. Although don’t spend much otherwise you might end up feeling worse end of the week.

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