Why we meet irritating people?

Why do we meet people who always say things that we just don’t wish to hear?

No matter how hard we try but we tend to bump into people who we hate to the core of our heart and just wish they would disappear, if I was to put it politely. And if that’s not sufficient so called UNIVERSE or GOD makes us meet people who say the things that just irritate us so much, we wish to slap them right then and there.

Would you be surprised if I told you these people you hate or dread are just your inner conscious reflecting back at you. Why is that and how is that??

Now in our daily life we tend to get so busy pursuing our career, dream girl or boy, clubbing, golfing or shopping for shoes that our inner thoughts, which are always trying to talk to us, get suppressed. Yes I am talking about that voice that we hear when we do something wrong!

Now imagine this voice is your MOM, who has been trying to reach you and you are obviously avoiding the calls or too busy in your daily routine. Now since you’re busy only alternative your mom would have is to try and reach you thru other people who you talk and meet.

For instance you are worried about your WEIGHT (aren’t we worried about that!) but due to your busy schedule you have not been able to workout or eat the right food. Now over time your inner though and desire to loose weight keeps increasing but its not been able to reach out to you and get desired results. So what your inner conscious does is it tries to reach you thru other people.  So you will start meeting people who talk about eating healthy, or working out. Or will ask you do you gym etc.

Now to better explain this lets take a work related example. For instance you are working on a project but are unable to spend time with your better half. Although he/she is not complaining about your busy work hours but you are feeling guilty about this subconsciously.

Now over a period of time and depending on the intensity of this feeling you will have people starting to ask you about your family life, meet couples who are not happy due to busy work schedules of husband. Further if you still didn’t get the hint from the universe, people will start asking specific questions about the time you are spending at home. Now this will irritate you further as this is something you are feeling guilty about internally and when someone asks you this, it irritates you even further and we tend revert by saying “none of your business or it’s a personal matter”. However in reality its only your subconscious thoughts getting reflected back to you.

Now there can be ample number of examples we can take so try to analyse questions/comments that irritate you then try to think why you are being exposed to these thoughts!





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